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We are inspired by the energy created when people come together

What made us start S9 Financial Planners

We were lucky enough to know after achieving our education goals that we cannot work under some organisation which runs behind targets and loses focus on clients needs and goals.

We wanted to be a “Healing Approach” kind of financial doctors, an expert who understands the importance of time, patience & money. We believe in the hand-holding method of making our clients understand the nitty-gritty’s of finance as we see the market is still not matured enough to understand the right kind of balancing and structuring of their finances based on their goals. People’s focus is more on earning profits but without knowing the goals or right process of reaching towards it.

Who we are

S9 Financial Planner is a privately owned 6 year old Mumbai based financial planning & Advisory firm that specialises in personal finance, family wealth advising and financial consulting for individuals, corporate & family groups.

What we Believe

We are one of those financial planners who believe in making finance a comfortable concept to understand and make our clients realize that a good Financial Plan will only bring a stress free environment in their life.

Three pillars of S9’s Foundation


We focus on educating our clients about new techniques, ways and methods of planning finances.


Reasoning builds trust and thats what has made our client relationship stronger. We make sure each financial decisions taken by our client is backed with a proper reasoning and is not affecting their goals.


We embrace transparency because we have nothing to hide from our clients as Financial Planning can only be done on the basis of trust.

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We not only handle our client’s investment portfolio but also believe in handling their fear, insecurities or anxiety towards their personal goals and finances