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Financial Freedom
is doing
what I want, when I want.

Financial freedom is achieved when

Financial Freedom

You retire from your work as per your wish NOT when you are told to retire as you reach the Retirement Age!


Life expectancy has increased because of growing scientific technologies and research.
People are living a healthy lifestyle even at the age of 60-70.
So when we live we obviously need comfort, money and most importantly a dignified life.
As a retirement planning advisor, S9 Financial Planners only aim to beat the question you might ask yourself someday
“Is this enough to last?”
Dependency is not what anyone would wish for.

Find Out How

Most of us never take Lifestyle inflation into consideration while planning for financial freedom..World is changing rapidly the prices of the products is not only changing but the level of comfort with certain kind of products is also changing and that is lifestyle inflation

“Diabetic people cannot eat sugar” it was the only method in olden days, but now there is an option called sugar free sweets that Diabetic people can opt for. Choices are created and will be created more faster with current given research and technology so that we can lead a more comfortable and dignified life.

But everyone needs to ask few questions,

Are you working for money or money is working for you?

Do you wish to spend more time with family but work
makes you compromise on your wishes?

Are we preparing for the change that is going to come??