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Investment without goals is like playing darts blindfolded.

We always think we have control of our own finances but still we end up blaming, crying, sulking on things when we cannot achieve. This happens mostly because people have goals but the direction is missing, we help them find the direction, we help them unfold the blindfold..

Know How

Ways to achieve your goals


Start making goal based plans as early as possible. The success of achieving your goals is determined by the time you invest to achieve those goals.


Emotions are required to have goals but not to achieve it. To achieve any goals you just need to be disciplined which is definitely not easy but needed.


Stay invested till you achieve your goals. Don’t tinker the allocation of assets just because someone said..


Having goals is not enough, having it classified makes all the difference.

Short term

Medium term

Long term

We believe in chemist and doctor’s philosophy. A chemist can suggest you different medicines on general symptoms but only a doctor can suggest the right medicine for your symptoms. Every patient needs different prescription based on their symptoms and diagnosis. Similarly investment vehicle required by you will be different as per the time horizon required to achieve your goals.

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