Second Opinion on Finance

 Sometimes it is better to be in doubt than going wrong. Do it right with our investment advisory services 

It's time to recheck on past financial advices

A financial planner needs to be unbiased, and disclose any possible concern regarding one's investment portfolio just like how a doctor advices for the treatment. For example an investment advisor doesn't get paid more if he or she recommends you to invest in a particular fund. They have no incentive to direct you. Hence, a second opinion on finance is the best choice when it comes to have investment advisory services.

A must have 60 minutes Review session

What to expect in 60 minutes review session?

If you wonder what are the most important investment strategies for any portfolio? It’s definitely not the market timing also not picking the “right” investments. Allocation of assets is by far the most essential factor of portfolio performance.We will thoroughly review past performance of your equity stock selection and holdings if any. Having proper balance, based on your goals, can help manage risk and take the guesswork out of financial decisions.

Once the gap is identified, we provide practical solutions to rectify or enhance the portfolio performance. We accordingly suggest you different asset avenues and Income projections.S9 Financial Planners are not tied up with any specific fund houses or brokerage firm, hence you can expect an impartial service and unbiased financial advise from us. We make sure our Investment Advisory services are prosecutable, simple to follow and no interest disagreement.

We make sure our second opinion are established on the foundation of mutual understanding, so we try to make it highly interactive. You may ask as many questions you have about your taxation, insurance, loans , property or any financial condition or decision.

Want to clear your doubts through unbiased investment advice?