Comprehensive Financial Planning


We do so much more than manage your finances.. Comprehensive Financial Planning is nothing but a financial checkup. Basically an overall scrutiny of your financial state including your cash flux analysis, tax planning, contingency plans, risk management and wealth management.

We make sure to guard, guide and achieve all your financial goals like vacations, higher education, marriage, financial freedom, and also help you in restructuring of loans with tax optimisation.

5 Steps Comprehensive Financial Planning Process

  • We try to know your current financial status, assets, liabilities, goals and most importantly YOU.

  • The key step in planning for your various life stage goal is to understand your Risk Profile. Risk profile includes two important parts – risk appetite and risk tolerance. Risk appetite tells us how much risk you are willing to take, whereas risk tolerance tells how much risk your finances can handle. Asset Allocation and Time horizon to reach your goals is determined by it.

  • It is now the job of our Financial expert in bringing a numerical perspective to the given financial situation. Here is the time when you can ask questions based on the strategy or product suggested as it relates to output for achieving your goals.

  • is the actual advice drafted in a plan format for you. We draft a comprehensive financial plan for you after our number crunching session’s agreed figures.

  • in the process is the major step that is implementing the plan. We help you in opening up a platform, obtaining the recommended products and in pursuing the plan identified in step four.


The plan includes

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    Semi Annual Review :

    Reporting and clearly taking calls on any required changes on portfolio as per the current market and personal financial situation.

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    Actively manage assets allocation periodically and see to it that your financial goals are achieved faster                 

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    Guide you on maintaining cash flow and taxes

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    Dedicated Planners assigned :

    Truly independent and unbiased advice by a dedicated personal financial planner assigned to you throughout.

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