4 Balanced reasons to choose Balanced Funds

Balanced Funds is a good option for a Mutual Fund Investor if he/she wants to divulge their investments into debt and equity within the same fund.

Somebody the other day asked me, “How do I pick on subject to blog about?” My answer was very simple, “My clients make me choose topics because of the interaction what I have with them!” Like we spoke of the 2w’s of Mutual funds in one of our blogs, so wanted to throw some more light on a specific kind of Mutual fund i.e Balanced funds. Balanced Funds has been the flavour of the season specially for those who are planning to retire or already entered their retirement life. So let me give you a few reasons as to why Balanced Funds?

  • FD’s were the most aware and safe choice retired people opted for parking their funds. Most of us know why? 
    • Safe option
    • Fixed interest
    • Regular monthly payouts.

    This was a safe bet in times when inflation and topic like lifestyle inflation was not considered into the picture. However, from the past 2 years, FD interest rates have fallen rapidly from 8.5-9% p.a to 6.5-7% p.a. If we see from the perspective of a senior citizen, this is not a convenient option of investment anymore because what you will get in the end will surely be not enough to sustain your current lifestyle. So when clients ask me to suggest an alternative, Balanced funds seems more preferable. Here one can expect returns around 10-12% on an average.

  • Equity markets performance has been consistent from past 4-5 years, and the icing on this is the robust positive changes been noticed on the overall economic structure. This, in turn, will prove to be a welcoming sign for businesses and this ultimately will benefit the equity investors. However keeping senior citizens age factor in mind, Balanced fund is the perfect blend of equity and debt that falls in favour for them.
  • Returns from FD’s Interest Income are taxable whereas dividends are tax-free. Let me show you the actuals(in %) what you are left with when we go with options like FD’s.


  • If an investor does not fall into any tax bracket, then he might not feel the pinch as compared to people who do. We can easily see the difference above that how investor falling into a higher tax bracket are not getting justified returns post-tax.
  • If we also look at one more benefit of balanced funds, it would clearly be the opportunity of Capital growth other than the dividend payout, unlike Fixed deposit which does not gives us that benefit.
    • For example: If Mr.X invested 10lac for 10 years in Fixed Deposit at 9% interest and Mr.Y invested the same amount in a balanced fund for 10 years. Now what happens when they get the interest/dividend returns, it would be close to Rs.7500 per month for both Mr.X and Mr. Y however after 10 years when they wish to withdraw the funds Mr.X would get the 10Lac he invested but Mr.Y would receive approximately 12-15Lac.
  • This is an added benefit of Balanced Fund compare to Fixed Deposits. So without wasting much of your time here are few of the performing Balanced Funds which you can go through and make a wise decision where to Invest in.


The reason to explain everything in detail is to not show the Negatives of Fixed Deposit but to make the readers know that when you choose any investments you don’t randomly go for it because your advisor or friends or family say it, consider factors like Taxation, Age Factor and Goals into the picture. A financial planner’s job is to suggest these kinds of investments taking N number of factors into the calculation.

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