Have You met your FINANCIAL DOCTOR?

The only thing certain in life is uncertainty.
When you have a mild fever, Most probably you will self prescribe a medicine. If not recovered you may ask the local chemist to prescribe something stronger. But if it continues and other complications start arising you will go to a doctor. Maybe if you had gone to the doctor in the initial stage, instead of being unwell for a week or so, you might have been better in 5. Getting the advice from a Financial Planner and a certified one at that is just the same. But people still look for advice from the chemist equivalent distributors, or a friend or a colleague for their hard earned money which may prove disastrous.

Most of the young professionals today do not plan their personal finances – most of them because of a lack of awareness about its benefits, others because of their belief that they do not need it at this stage of their life. But sooner youth start investing, the more time their money will have to grow – pure and simple “compounding” or say “snowball effect” on your money.

Financial Planners are not chemists but your Financial Doctor Financial Planning is not the same as Investment Planning. Financial planning is a road map for going where you are today to the destination where you want to be.
Money can be earned, finance cannot be earned. Finance can only be planned for existing Money to Grow!

For everything else, Money Anna is there to help!