Personal Finance lessons from Sacred Games

Sacred Games season 2 ended with not so great cliff hanger unlike the hype created with Season 1. The way Saif’s character growth is shown felt great after season 1 but felt a let down in season 2. Nonetheless, you can not avoid the wealth creation lessons taught for your personal finance while going through this revengeful backstabbing and bloodshed drama series. 

Yes, you heard it right!!!

Personal Finance lesson on wealth creation is something we can learn when we are binge-watching Sacred Games seasons. Its placed right there between all the scheming, plotting and suspense. I could pick three 3 major lessons from Sacred Games Series up until now.


1. Aham Bramhasmi: While drawing parallel I felt most of us tend to fall into this loop of “Aham Bramhasmi”. I am the creator of my destiny & Financial wellbeing. Agreed! It all starts with a desire to improve your relationship with money from where it is now, by taking certain steps. 

Gaitonde destroys his life when he hits loneliness at the top. He thinks he is the creator or Bramha and starts a journey towards destruction. Does this not happen with investors in the bull run or when the tide is on our side, our biases set in to make us think that the decisions we take irrespective of market conditions or our financial conditions can make us win. Because we got some good results in the past we likely cover ourselves with “I know it all” cloak and start our journey towards downfall. This is something we should be conscious of and not let our minds control us. The best approach would be to have a financial planner with you for guidance and follow a disciplined approach towards your investments.


2. Gochi: The drug hallucination created by Guruji is something similar to an Asset bubble created in the Market.

There are 4 phases of a bull market namely Optimism, enthusiasm, exhilaration & euphoria. The last 2 are the ones that are most potent to erode the investor’s wealth as retail investors throw all the money into what we call as a convincing demonstration of particular asset efficiency. We have all heard how people borrowed money and invested in the cryptocurrency or dot com bubble which eventually broke. This happens because the momentum of the market creates a hallucination making people lose sight from reality. In such times we need to have a well-wisher, a financial planner who has knowledge and experience to guide you through these times by acting like a devil’s advocate.


3. Guruji & the followers:  Herd mentality is what makes us throw our cognitive thinking in the bin & let fear or greed take over our mind, which in turn keeps us away from doing the right thing for us. Your investment decisions should be based on your priorities & goals in life and not because all of your friends Insta posts suggest something flashy. We need to understand and ask ourselves relevant questions pertaining to our goals and investments.