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Insurance is one of the most important aspects which no individual can ignore.

Insurance is not actually about generating wealth but about investing. The main objective is to protect you and your family from unforeseen events like accidents, thefts, calamities, etc. You are investing where you will obviously get good returns for your family. This investment is the protection to you & your family. Some do not believe in investing in it just because they feel that they are already safe and nothing is going to happen to them. But as stated earlier you cannot predict what is going to happen in the future. Life insurance is like a backup plan for your family and helps you when you need money the most. It makes your Family secured in your absence. The money can even be used for many debts like home loan, education loan, etc. A stitch in time saves nine; this proverb is very much suitable, it is better to act in time rather than regretting later.

There are various types of policies available in the market. You can ensure your life, your belongings like a car, your house, your health, etc. You can literally ensure your shop, employee, and customer so as to remain secured on the professional front too. Let us see the types of it available in detail:

1. Car insurance: It helps you if any damages are claimed. It will protect you from financial losses and legal issues.

2. Health Insurance: When you fall ill you will go visit a doctor and if your illness is chronic you will need the best doctors plus a financial backup. You cannot out of the blue produce money and hand it over to the doctor. You cannot predict the future happenings but can be prepared for it by investing in it.

3. Housing Insurance: Home is the largest asset you have got and losing it will be a great loss to you. Ensuring your biggest asset against calamities, burglary, fire, etc will be the best option.

4. Life Insurance: Ensuring your life for the sake of your loved ones is positive and healthy doing. If you will not be around your family will be taken care of by the sum assured to be given to them for which you made provisions for a way ahead of time.

5. Shop Insurance: Ensure your shop, employees, and customers so as in future if any damages are claimed you will not suffer any loss as you have already planned it way back.

6. Business Insurance: Ensure your business so as to smooth flow of your doings. Business is all about ups & downs and in this if you suffer heavy losses you can recover it easily.

The next most important step is to appoint a consultant who will advise professionally on the subject. The consultant will give you an unbiased opinion and help you manage your personal finance.

S9 Financial Planners, the leaders in this domain will help you to choose the best of the plan which suits you as per your needs and future goals like buying the house or a car, children education, marriage or even retirement planning.

The money invested periodically during your earning years is utilized to offer a stable income during the retirement phase of life. Life Insurance is governed by the regulatory body, IRDA which ensures the safety of the policy holder’s money through various stringent rules and regulations. Policyholders can enjoy the benefits like taking a loan against the policy or even various tax-benefits offered by the government.

We are financial planners, we give you an unbiased opinion on your future attributions and aspirations. Whatever goals and dreams our clients have we give them a road map to fulfill them. Get the best out of your finances.

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